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"Learn more about Samos' Honey and Beekeeping"

Samos is famous for its pure unprocessed organic honey made from the pollen of pine trees, the many wildflowers, and herbs found in the mountains. The geographical location of Samos island and terrain creates several microclimates and rich biodiversity in native plant species that are only found on the island. This, of course, provides bees with a wide variety of flowers and infuses an amazing flavor and aroma to the honey they produce.

We will spend a morning with a beekeeper and a biologist specializing in bees to discuss their magical society and the importance of their pollinating services for the ecosystems and our own existence. Following the discussion, we will provide you with protective uniforms so that we can actually take a look inside the hives. This will give you a great insight into the beekeeping process, the equipment needed to harvest honey as well as the bee’s life cycle, behavior and their role in the ecosystem.  Finally, we will take, a break for a traditional snack and refreshing Souma before we begin our hike in through mountain trails to explore the wild bees of the area.

Beekeeping & Honey Samos

From €35.00
  • Discover Pure Organic Honey

  • Learn About the  Importance of Pollinators on Ecosystems and Human Life

  • Get an Upclose Insider View on a Working Bee Hive Society

  • Honey Tasting & Local Snacks

⌛ Total Duration: 4H

📌 Meeting Point: Karlvovasi

👥 Group Size: 2-5

⌚ Meeting Time: 09:15

✅ Available Day: On Demand

✔   Small Greek Snack
✔   Wine or Souma Drink
✔   Small Souvenir 


✘   Transportation

   Extra Drinks


backpack icon

✔   1,5 lt of Water

✔   Hat, Sunglasses & Sunscreen

✔   Closed Shoes or Hiking Boots

✔   Long Pants

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