" Guided Rock clibing day in  Samos"

Challenge yourself in a day of seaside rock climbing in Samos close to Karlovasi. The area around Potami Beach includes 3 climbing sectors with more than 30 available routes to climb. Most of the routes are under natural shade until early afternoon hours. 

Our first and the most popular choice is the sector next to the sea, by the road, ideal for beginners and an easy-going climbing day for the most experienced climbers.

The routes are less than 12 meters with Levels from 5b to 6b.

For the more demanding climbers, the 2nd climbing sector is the biggest in Samos, is only 10 minutes walking distance along a beautiful footpath with panoramic views, providing a perfect warmup since it is uphill. Here, there are more than 20 climbing routes of heights is between 55m and 8m with grades from 5b to 7b+.

For the very demanding climbers, a 3rd option is available inside a Canyon with overhangs within 10 minutes hike from the Potami area. 


 After the climb, there is the option of continuing our trip to the waterfalls for a refreshing walk in the water and an easy climb for one more hour within a network of small lagoons.

1st Note: Please inform us in the case that you don't have climbing shoes & provide us your shoe size.


2nd Note: It is necessary for us to know if you have had any prior experience with rock climbing.


3rd Note: Free transportation from and to Karlovasi and the nearby areas up to 10km. Transfer from all over Samos it is possible with an extra charge. 

Rock Climbing in Samos

From €40.00
  • Various levels of difficulty range from beginner to expert.

  • Climb by the sea under the sade.

  • Visit Potami Waterfalls after the climbing

⌛ Total Duration: 4H

📌 Meeting Point: Karlovasi

👥 Group Size: 2-6

⌚ Meeting Time: 09:15/ 16:00

✅ Available Day: On Demand

✔   Necessary equipment



✘   Drinks or food

✘   Climbing Shoes +5€


   Bottle of Water
   Your Climbing Shoes
   Comfortable walking shoes

✔   Lightweight Long Trousers 

✔   Swimming Suit & WateShoes

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