"Your Adventure day in Samos with Rappeling in the Canyon"

The canyoning trip is the most adventurous and demanding activity that we offer. The lush vegetation in the area creates pleasantly surprising cool temperatures during the summer months. We will descend through the main route of a narrow passage of a gorge with the use of ropes and other rappelling devices. Following, a one-hour uphill hike we start rappelling down the dry waterfalls of a canyon. In order to complete 20 drops, we will need approximately 4 hours. After that, we will have the opportunity to swim in the famous secluded Mikro Seitani Beach. The way back will be a 30-minute walk along a trail above the coast.


Note: Free transportation from and toKarlovasi and the nearby areas up to 10km distance. Transfers from every place of Samos it is possible with an extra charge.


Please inform us if you have any experience with rappelling or with rock climbing.

Dry Canyoning

From €50.00
  • Ultimate Dry Canyoning Experience.

  • 20 Rappel Drops  & Technical Points.

  • Swim and bask in the sun on the shores of the secluded Seitani beach.

⌛ Total Duration: 8H

📌 Meeting Point: Karlovasi

👥 Group Size: 2-6

⌚ Meeting Time: 09:15

✅ Available Day: On Demand

✔   Necessary equipment



✘   Drinks or food



   Bottle of Water
   Comfortable walking shoes

✔   Lightweight Long Trousers 

✔   Swimming Suit

✔   Small Backpack

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