"Join the Harvest in Samos and Learn the secrets of the Local Products"

  • Grapes  (August 10 -  September 10)

We begin with a 45-minute introduction to farming participating alongside a local farmer during his morning routine. Then we will retreat under the shade of the trees to hydrate, have a snack, and taste the traditional drink “Souma”. The trip continues on to the winery and the wine museum in Samos town for local wine tasting.

  • Honey (August 10 - September 10)

Spend a  morning with a traditional organic beekeeper and a bee biologist in a local apiary talking about the magical world of the bees, their society and how important they are as pollinators. After that, with protective uniforms, we have a look inside the hives. Delicious fresh honey tasting is also on the list!  After a short break for a local snack and a taste of Souma we will be going for a short hike to talk about the native flora of Samos that make this honey so unique.  


  • Olive Oil (November - December)

During a morning walk by the olive groves, we have the chance to talk about the cultivation of the olive trees of Samos throughout the years. After this introduction, we move to hands-on experience: we choose our tree and we work together to collect the olives. After that, we take a break for a traditional snack and some Souma under the olive trees. The tour continues to the family-run olive oil mill in order to extract our own olive oil and taste it fresh from the olive press onto a slice of warm freshly baked bread with a sprinkle of wild oregano!


  • Distilleries (October 15 - November 10)

The village distilleries have played an important role in Samian traditions throughout the years. The locals continue the production of the delicious muscat grapes even after they have been pressed for wine into the traditional “Souma” drink.  After a short car ride, we visit the mountain village distilleries,  we talk about the process and we taste the final result of  Souma, Ouzo and Tsipouro next to the fire with a BBQ “meze” (appetizer)  and fresh chestnuts baked on a traditional wood-burning stove.

Samos Havest & Farming Tour

From €48.00
  • Take part in the harvest of each one of our local products.

  • Explore the culture and traditions in Samian gastronomy.

  • Meet local farmers and spend a day with them.

⌛ Total Duration: 7H

📌 Meeting Point: Karlovasi

👥 Group Size: 2-8

⌚ Meeting Time: 9:15

✅ Available Day: On Demand

✔   Transportation

   Small Local Snack

   Wine or Souma Drink

   Small Souvenir

   Tickets & Entrance Fees


✘   Extra Drinks 



   Hat, Sunglasses & Sunscreen

   Comfortable Shoes

   Lightweight Long Pants

   1,5L of Water

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