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Yia sas ( Welcome!)

I'm Giorgos and I look forward to showing you around the island that I fell in love with and still excites me like no other place.

I was born in Samos in 1989 and spent the first years of my life in a beautiful house in Lekka Village where some of my best memories were created. Most of my time was spent in nature on my great grandmother's small farm, camping and fishing on lonely beaches with my parents, exploring forest chapels, and following trails in the mountains.

During my childhood, I hadn't a clue what my father's profession was. He was almost always amongst the beehives, in the vineyards or under the olive trees. Finally, I did discover that he was a teacher and organic farmer by hobby. The time that we spent together under the trees and in the vineyards created a strong connection for me with the production of the local products on my island. As a family, we traveled and explored Greece visiting all the magical places that make Greece unique culturally and historically. I was greatly inspired by our journeys and my grandparents' stories from WWII and so I began digging deep into history and geography.

After completing my studies in business administration in tourism at the University of Aegean on Chios, Island in 2011, I returned back home to share my favorite experiences and exceptional places around the island. I am a Professional Tour Operator with a certified license by GNTO (Greek National Tourism Organization) in Samos.

During wintertime, I love traveling and truly hate falling into tourist traps. So, I am here to keep you away from them, show you the beauty of my country, talk about its mythology and modern/ancient history. I want to take you to amazing places and introduce you to authentic food which is the most important factor for a Great local experience. Most importantly I want to make you feel comfortable and safe.

As a destination expert, I have cooperated with "Terrain Maps" in the creation of the most detailed map of Samos island and continue with all the updates necessary. During 2015-2019 I was heavily involved in a project to mark, reconstruct and build more than 250km of trails as a designer and head worker. Giving to my community is of great importance and so I actively participate as a volunteer member of the Hellenic Rescue Team as a rescue volunteer in HRT since 2011. I have passed all of the training courses and I have joined in more than 100 rescue operations.

So now that you know a bit more about me, if you want to have an honest and more personal local experience in Samos then, you are more than welcome to contact me and live your myth right away!

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