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"Hiking excursion to Mount Kerkis at 1434m on your own with our full support."

Get ready for an amazing adventure on Mount Kerkis of Samos at 1434m, but this time, on your own! We are here to provide you with an unforgettable experience, ensuring your transportation to the starting point of the ascent. And that's not all! Using a specialized GPS application, you will have access to detailed directions and information about the route, ensuring a safe and smooth journey.

Don't worry if something goes wrong or you need power for your device. We have provided you with a power bank so that you are always connected and ready to capture every moment of your adventure. And for even more safety, there is signage along the entire route and hiking poles for additional support and comfort during your ascent.

The ascent to Mount Kerkis of Samos is tailored for every type of visitor. By choosing the southern side of the trail, you open the way for a pleasant and easy climb. This route offers a series of stunning views and experiences, while also providing the appropriate challenge for both the novice and experienced hiker.

Furthermore, transportation from any part of the island is entirely possible, thanks to the availability of taxis or vans. Even the rugged part of the road is not an obstacle, as our experienced drivers will safely guide you through every challenge. You can leave the organization of your trip to us, enjoying a comfortable and smooth journey to the beginning of the trail.

With these provisions, all you have to do is focus on enjoying nature and the adventure that awaits you on Mount Kerkis of Samos. So get ready to experience an incredible nature adventure, discover the beauty of the panoramic view, and create indelible memories that will accompany you forever!


Kerkis self guide tour

From €50.00

  • Avoid burning from the Sun, with the best time arrangement.

  • Sunset at the highest point of central Aegean.

  • See the map of the Aegean unfolding before you in an amazing panoramic view.

⌛ Total Duration: 8h

📌 Meeting Point: Αny part of the island

👥 Group Size: 3-10

⌚ Meeting Time: Jun- Sep 16:00

✅ Available Day: On Demand

✔   Hotel transfer *
   Local guide


     during the trip

  Power bank


✘   Drinks


backpack icon

✔   2L of Water 

✔   Sunscreen & Hat
✔   Comfortable Walking Shoes

✔   Some extra snacks

✔   Warm clothes for the top

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